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Consultancy / submissions / research reports

Gender Lens on the Budget 2020-2021 National Foundation for Australian Women, Contributing author (2020)

Submission on Gender Responsive Budgeting Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit Review of the Operations of the Parliamentary Budget Office 2019-Australian Parliamentary Budget Office, Co-authored with Angela Jackson (2020)

Proposed changes to the Higher Education Contribution Scheme: A statement from the Women in Economics Network Authored on behalf of the Women in Economics Network, Submission to the Prime Minister, Minister for Education, and Minister for Women (2020)

Submission on Gender Responsive Budgeting Inquiry on Gender Responsive Budgeting, Parliament of Victoria, Co-authored with Angela Jackson (2019)

Australian Gender Economics Workshop 2019: Event report and evaluation Authored on behalf of the AGEW Organising Committee and Women in Economics Network, for workshop sponsors (2019)

Submission to Prime Minister and Cabinet Office for Women for 63rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63) (2019)

Time Use Survey Reference Group, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Government (2019–present)

Australian Gender Economics Workshop 2018: Policy Brief Authored on behalf of the Women in Economics Network (WEN) for the Office for Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Department of Jobs and Small Business, Australian Government (2018)

Behavioural Insights and Gender Equality Deliberative Forum and Leading Thinkers Taskforce, VicHealth, Victorian Government, Melbourne (2018–present)

Expert Roundtable on ‘Improving Outcomes for Australian Women’, Office for Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Government, Canberra (2018) 

Advancing Queensland Women: Women’s Economic Security. Policy consultation paper prepared for the Office for Women, Queensland Department of Communities, Queensland Government (2012)

Contributing author to government advisory report


The pursuit of gender equality: What does the research say? And what gets in the way?
Guest speaker, People Analytics and Future of Work Conference (2021)

Women and the Budget
Panellist, Griffith University and Women in Economics Network (2020)

Breaking down barriers to women in the workforce: The evidence is on your side
Guest speaker, Women in People Analytics, Talent and HR Virtual Conference (2020)

How to teach students about the gender pay gap
Interviewed on Updated Education Podcast (2020)

How to explain the gender gap to students – Interview with Updated Education

Applying a gender lens to government policy
Guest speaker, Women’s Professional Development Virtual Conference, LGPro (2020)

Leadership during a crisis
Moderator, Women in Economics Network Webinar (2020)

COVID, care and wellbeing: What do we really value?
Moderator, Women in Economics Network Webinar (2020)

Teaching, engaging and inspiring students: Initiatives to encourage more women into economics
Panellist, Australasian Teaching Economics Conference, Melbourne (2019)

The economics of diversity – and how does it apply to the economics profession itself
Moderator, Australian Conference of Economists, Melbourne (2019)

How can economics contribute to gender equity?
Moderator, Australian Gender Economics Workshop Policy Symposium, Melbourne (2019)

50 years on from the ‘Equal Pay Case’: How far have we come? Have far have we got to go?
Moderator, Special event jointly hosted by the Economic Society of Australia, Women in Economics Network and RMIT University, Melbourne (2019)

Engaging and educating women in economics: What’s putting female students off?
Panellist, Women in Economics Network Special Session, Australian Conference of Economists, Canberra (2018)

Guest speaker, Women’s Researchers Network Annual Symposium, RMIT University (2018)
Guest speaker, RMIT University Bluestocking Week Celebrating Women in Academia, RMIT University (2018)
Guest speaker, Victorian Commercial Teachers’ Association (VCTA) Comview Professional Conference (2017, 2018)
Guest speaker, Queensland Economics Teachers Association (QETA) Professional Development Day (2017)
Guest speaker, RMIT College of Business Postgraduate Student Event (2017)

Moderating the panel discussion on “50 Years on from the Equal Pay Case” with Iola Mathews, Professor Gillian Whitehouse, Professor Roger Wilkins, Liberty Sanger and Libby Lyons


‘Sexist’ or a ‘green shoot for women’?: Victoria’s pandemic-busting budget
The Age, Interviewed by Wendy Touhy, 29 November 2020

Victorian budget big spend to revive economy
ABC PM, Interviewed by Samantha Donovon, 24 November 2020

Higher confidence is not the key to women’s career advancement
Forbes Women, Interviewed by Julia Wuench, 12 November 2020

Victorian women losing badly in COVID employment crisis
The Age, Interviewed by Noel Towell, 31 October 2020

‘The place is packed’: Cautious optimism as city springs back to life
The Age, Interviewed by Noel Towell, 28 October 2020

The challenging story behind the official jobs numbers
ABC News, Interviewed by Rachel Pupazzoni, 15 October 2020

Workplaces should stop telling women to be more confident says academic
Radio Sputnik Edinburgh, Interviewed by Lynn Rusk 15 October 2020

That advice to women to ‘lean in’, be more confident… it doesn’t help, and data show it
The Conversation, Author contribution, 14 October 2020

We need to spend big. But we need to spend smart and inclusively.
RMIT Federal Budget Media Alert, 7 October 2020

The federal budget is often compared to a household budget. But it’s not that simple
ABC News, Interviewed by Emily Stewart, 3 October 2020

Keep minding the gaps. Plural.
BroadAgenda, Author contribution, 31 August 2020

Think shutdowns hurt the economy? You should see what pandemics do
The Age, Op-Ed, 8 August 2020

Economic impacts of COVID pandemic on women
ABC TV Afternoon Briefing, Interviewed by Patricia Karvelas, 4 August 2020

Uncertain times lead to uncertain futures
AAP, Interviewed by Katina Curtis, 30 July 2020

Analysing the mid-year economic outlook
ABC TV Afternoon Briefing, Interviewed by Patricia Karvelas, 23 July 2020

COVID-19: What’s the economic damage?
ABC Radio 774, Interviewed by Virginia Trioli, 23 July 2020

Gender equity and government responses to COVID-19
ABC Radio 1233 Newcastle, Interviewed by Paul Turton, 21 July 2020

An economists’ view: In a ‘she-cession’, we can’t rely on ‘he-covery’ policy fixes
Power to Persuade, Author contribution, 2 July 2020

In a ‘she-cession’, we can’t rely on ‘he-covery’ policy fixes
LinkedIn, 1 July 2020

COVID-19 impact on women
774 ABC Melbourne, Interview, 25 May 2020

Learning from Covid-19: Imagining a healthier and more just economy
Power to Persuade, Author contribution, 15 April 2020

Undervalued and unseen: Australia’s COVID-19 frontline workforce
Power to Persuade, Author contribution, 14 April 2020

Undervalued and unseen: Australia’s COVID-19 frontline workforce
LinkedIn, 6 April 2020

Australia’s latest gender pay gap
Triple R Radio Melbourne, Interview, 5 March 2020 (interview starts at 2.46.31)

How gender equality stacks up in 2020 through our experts’ eyes
RMIT News, 4 March 2020

Australia’s gender pay gap: No great progress
International Women’s Day, RMIT Expert Alert, 3 March 2020

A leap forward for gender equality?,
Broad Agenda, Author contribution, 27 February 2020

Gender Pay Gap
Economics Explained Podcast, Interviewed by Gene Tunny, 12 December 2019

Men in Australia still earning $25k a year more than women, 50 years after equal pay ruling
SBS News, Interviewed by Stephanie Corsetti, 20 November 2019

Is flexibility the answer to juggling work and family pressure?
ABC Radio National, Interviewed by Hilary Harper, 29 October 2019

What gender pay gap?
Author contribution to Broad Agenda, 28 August 2019

Myth-busting: The gender pay gap edition
Cited by Women’s Agenda, 28 August 2019

Nothing to show: How Australia’s gender pay gap is harming older women
The Guardian, Interviewed by Lisa Martin, 16 August 2019

Australia’s gender pay gap still 14%, with men earning $240 more a week than women
The Guardian, Interviewed by Lisa Martin and Andy Ball, 15 August 2019

It will take women in Australia an extra 59 days to earn as much as men did in the last year
SBS News, Interviewed by Maani Truu, 15 August 2019

Fact Check: Does Australia have one of the least generous paid parental leave schemes in the OECD? 
RMIT-ABC Fact Check, 25 July 2019

Most popular university courses for women and men in Victoria
Herald Sun, Interviewed by Elissa Doherty, 9 July 2019

Aussie company offers six months paid parental leave 
Channel Nine News, Interviewed by Stephanie Anderson, 23 May 2019

50 years after Australia’s historic ‘equal pay’ decision, the legacy of ‘women’s work’ remains
The Conversation, Author contribution, 19 June 2019

Federal Budget 2019: Women were the losers
Sydney Morning Herald, Op-Ed, 3 April 2019

Experts available for comment on Federal Budget
RMIT Media, 3 April 2019

How to increase gender equality
RMIT Media, 6 March 2019

Eight ways to boost gender equality
RMIT Media, 6 March 2019

Does confidence really advance women’s careers?
Economic Society of Australia Podcast, Interviewed by Benedict Davies and Simone Wong, February 2019

Challenges for both sides of politics
Channel Nine News, Interviewed by AAP, 29 November 2018

Women Kind
Interviewed by authors Kirstin Ferguson and Catherine Fox, Murdoch Books, 2018

Do women have to do more than men to prove themselves in the workplace
World Economic Forum, 7 December 2018

Women over-investing in skills to compete in job market
2SER Sydney, Interviewed by Julia Carr-Catze, 22 November 2018

The gender qualification gap: women ‘over-invest’ in workplace capabilities 
The Conversation, Author contribution, 20 November 2018

Women ‘over-invest’ in becoming job ready, and expect less once they’re employed
ABC News, 20 November 2018

Why women have to work harder to be promoted 
CNN, 19 November 2018

Fact check: Has the gender pay gap shrunk under the Coalition Government’s policies?
RMIT-ABC Fact Check, 1 October 2018

Morrison uses question on diversity to attack unions 
The Australian, 11 October 2018 (Parliamentary transcript)

Study of 8000 workers finds that gender differences in “achievement motivation” may explain part of the gender pay gap 
Readers Digest, British Psychology Society, 2 September 2018

Rewarding competence – not confidence – offers a step towards equality 
The Mandarin, 22 May 2018

Rewarding competence – not confidence – offers a step towards equality
Power to Persuade, The Women’s Policy Action Tank, 21 May 2018

Does confidence really advance women’s careers? New research says no 
Women’s Agenda, 15 March 2018

10 things you need to know about women in Australia right now 
Women’s Agenda, 8 March 2018

Greater confidence does not translate into career gains for women 
Human Resources Director, 7 March 2018

Confidence doesn’t help women get ahead: Survey call
The Mandarin, 6 March 2018

Confidence works for men, not women
RNZ Radio New Zealand, Interviewed by Jesse Mulligan, 6 March 2018

Leaning in doesn’t pay
Cited by Jessica Irvine, Sydney Morning Herald, 4 March 2018