To contact Leonora, email or phone +61-401-360-733

Leonora is available to provide analysis and commentary on:

  • gender gaps in the workforce (eg. gender gaps in pay, promotion and leadership)
  • economic policy issues especially relating to women, equality and inclusive growth
  • the role of personality traits, attitudes, and societal norms in explaining gender gaps in economic and societal outcomes 
  • indicators of disadvantage, inequality and wellbeing
  • economic gains of diversity and inclusion
  • women and gender equality issues within economics and other traditionally male professions

On the topic of gender equality, Leonora can speak about the creation of WEN, the value of diversity in policy-making, and practical insights into the pursuit of gender equity in traditionally male domains.

For teachers and students, Leonora is passionate about speaking to students about the broad life skills and range of career opportunities that economics offers.

Phone +61-401-360-733
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