Rebooting Economics: How we reimagined and redesigned our introductory economics course 🔗

Teaching appointments

School of Economics Finance and Marketing, RMIT University

Course Coordinator and Lecturer, Introductory Macroeconomics (2020-present)
Course Coordinator and Lecturer, Econometric Techniques (Masters level) (2016)
Lecturer, Introductory Microeconomics (2015)
Lecturer, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Singapore Institute of Management (2014, 2015)
Tutor, Introductory Macroeconomics (2014, 2015)

School of Economics, University of Queensland

Course Coordinator and Lecturer, Advanced Managerial Economics (2008)
Tutorial Coordinator, Introductory Microeconomics (2007)
Lecturer, Economics of Labour Markets (2006)
Tutor, Economics for Commerce (2008) Introductory Microeconomics (2007, 2008) Macroeconomy and Business Conditions (2007) Economics of Team Sports (2005, 2006) Macroeconomic Theory (2002-2007) Macroeconomic Policy (2002-2004)

Guest lectures

‘The economics of the family and economic approaches to gender equality: Putting our insights into practice’, Economics of the Family, University of Sydney (2021)

‘Making a difference to society through our research, impact and engagement’, Gender Equality Diversity & Inclusion (GEDI) Lab, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (2021) 

‘Do gender differences in personality explain gender gaps in pay and promotions?’ Economic Foundations of Gender Inequality, University of Connecticut (2019)

‘Exploring the links between personality and economic outcomes’, Psychology for Business Decisions, RMIT University (2019)

‘Gender division of labour’, Gender in International Development, RMIT University (2017)

Contribution to education initiatives

Independent Reviewer, VCE Economics, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (2021)

What is economics all about? And where can it take you? Authored for the Women in Economics Network (2020) 🔗

Invited Judge, 3-Minute-Thesis Competition Final, RMIT University (2020)

Pathways to economics, Women in Economics Network Careers Event, Convenor (2018) 🔗

Tutoring Techniques Workshop, RMIT School of Economics, Finance and Marketing (2016–2019)

Teaching awards

Learning and Teaching Award, RMIT College of Business and Law, Awarded for “Reimagining and reinvigorating the design and delivery of Macroeconomics 1 during COVID-19 by facilitating a growth mindset approach” (2020)


1 PhD Candidate (current)
1 Honours Student (completed 2019)

For students

In this interview with economics student Joanna Bleakley from the University of Melbourne Women in Economics Student Society, it was a pleasure to share some reflections on what inspired me to pursue a career in economics and the advice would I give to young people contemplating a career in economics. I hope my reflections help inform and inspire students in your own study choices and career paths. 🔗

In this online booklet, What is economics all about? And where can it take you?, answers many of the queries that students have when navigating their study and career options. The insights are drawn from research and evidence on the factors that matter for students’ vocational decisions, complemented by the personal experiences of economists working in the profession. 🔗

The Women in Economics Network offers an excellent suite of other resources to help inform and inspire students. 🔗

‘What is economics all about? And where can it take you?’
Information booklet for students , parents and teachers 🔗